balinese harmony

harmony is the synergy of physical, emotional, mental, philosophical and spiritual aspects working together. health and vitality are simply a matter of vibrancy and vibrational speed — meaning the synergy of the quality of your actions, attitudes and inner feelings which determine the quality of your life.

harmony massage (couple treatment) 90 min.    

IDR 1.332.000++

harmony massage is a treatment especially designed for the needs of couples. while she will be enjoying a massage focusing on beauty aspects, his treatment emphasizes on power and vitality. both massage techniques include the stimulation of several body parts and were designed by the idea of bringing relaxation and harmony to your body, mind and spirit. the belief is that vitality and energy can only be obtained when one is aware of the emotional and physical well-being.

gents vitality  – 60 min. / 90 min.                             

IDR 530.000++ / 666.000++

gents vitality was developed for the explicit needs of male skin by featuring traditional balinese herbs, roots and spices. all used ingredients are well known for their positive effect on potency and on healing properties as they tend to strengthen and fortify his physical energy and mental fitness.

inner beauty massage – 60 min. / 90 min.             

IDR 530.000++ / 666.000++                        

inner beauty massage features ancient balinese healing massage techniques delivered with a mixture of fresh betel leaf and flower infused oil which refreshes, repairs and softens skin. the face is then cleaned with coconut water before a moisturizing mask is applied.

energizing massage – 60 min. / 90 min.                

IDR 530.000++ / 666.000++                                                            

energizing massage is a good choice to realign deeper muscle layers and connective tissues. finger, hand and forearm pressures are combined and friction works deeply into the muscles to stretch and break up knots, providing greater freedom of movements while improving blood circulation and keeping your body warm.

soothing massage – 60 min. / 90 min.                   

IDR 530.000++ / 666.000++                                                                                          

the soothing massage is believed to be effective to stimulate the life force energy and blood flow.  along circular strokes on your entire body, full hand strokes over the long bones stimulate the nervous system while effectively releasing tensions of the muscles. a warm bamboo roll is used to glide along the body in order to stimulate blood flow.

balance massage – 60 min. / 90 min.                     

IDR 530.000++ / 666.000++

the balance massage is predominated by pushing techniques which work deeply to ease muscle and to joint pain. it is an ancient system of healing which relies on deep pressure massage to break down tensely knotted tissue and promote harmony of body, mind and soul. the massage will improve blood circulation, calm your nerves, and alter your mental state. to clear the meridian channel on your body, the application of warm stones will please your senses.






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